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Carpet is one of the most timeless flooring materials used in New York homes and across North America. It is warm, soft, and inviting. There are different grades of carpet. Carpet prices range in price from $2 to $5 per square foot.

Olefin carpet, or polypropylene is a style of carpet that is inexpensive and soft. Because it is soft, it does not last as long as other styles of carpet. It will not stand the test of time or any amount of heavy foot traffic. However, it’s a good inexpensive option and if you are quite sure the carpet will be destroyed by pets, parties, or children, you may want to install this type of carpet.

Nylon carpet is much harder than Olefin and will last longer over time. Because of its hardness, it is easier to clean. It will not absorb dirt as easily and generally bounces back easier than Olefin. This is a very popular style of carpet and, probably, the most common type of carpet installed in most New York homes.

Polyester carpet is another type of fabric that is very popular. It has taken a lot of criticism in the past for not being as durable as it should be. However, they have made some advancements with this fabric in the recent years. One distinct advantage polyester has over other materials is it happens to be very stain resistant. It comes clean easier than other fabrics.

Wool carpet is a very cushy carpet that is at the expensive end of the spectrum when it comes to new carpet installation. It cleans well and is long lasting. It’s a superior material to the synthetic materials described previously. However, new wool carpet is out of the price range of the average homeowner.

Installing carpet in bedrooms, living rooms, and fun rooms is very popular. It is very comfortable to walk on with bare feet. Although it can be stained, it is easily replaced, and should be replaced after every five years or so. If your carpet does incur damage you can rest easy that it will be replaced soon, anyway.

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