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New York Flooring provides a fast and easy way for the citizens of New York to be connected to qualified, licensed and insured wood flooring installers. All of the professionals we will connect you to are qualified and proficient in hardwood floor installation. Receive free quotes from multiple local flooring contractors by filling out our simple form.

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Installing hardwood flooring is a wonderful experience. Installing hardwood floors will brighten up your home, add a classy look, and will increase the market value of your home instantly. Wood floors have been installed in homes for centuries and for good reason. They are vibrant and have a life giving quality that livens up any dwelling space. Perhaps the reason is that wood floors are derived from trees that were, at one time, alive. Perhaps it’s their random patterns that make them so visually stimulating. Whatever the reason may be, wood flooring is still an overwhelmingly popular choice to put in one’s home or place of business. It is hard to go wrong installing wood floors.

Wood flooring is available in a variety of brands and types of flooring. Pine, oak, maple, cherry, and bamboo are just a few of the most popular types. What type of hardwood flooring is the right one for you? Ask your contractors what type of coloring you like. Ask questions about the hardness of different types of hardwoods.

Our suppliers are able to supply various styles of exotic flooring in addition to domestic brands. In most cases exotic flooring is more expensive than domestic flooring. This is due much to the fact that exotic wood flooring travels far, across oceans on large ships that are using lots of gasoline. However, there are some affordable exotic floors available in the market. For example, bamboo is a type of exotic wood floor that is priced alongside most domestic woods and that comes from the Far East! Bamboo flooring is wildly popular right now.

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